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MovNat Buffalo Gym and Fitness Facility

A time honored take on exercise and fitness has found a home in Williamsville, NY. MovNat is a fitness program based on training the full range of our natural human movement abilities.

MovNat is moving naturally...running, jumping, climbing...

Our classes help you re-learn how to move like you did when you were a child. We reestablish the connectivity with your own body and show you how much fun exercising can be.

Not your typical gym.

MovNat Buffalo gives you a truly world class fitness experience. You won’t find acres of cardio machines, circuit training nautilus equipment, or mirrors. What you will find are coaches that care about who you are and what you want.

MovNat Buffalo’s small group based program will help you succeed where previous attempts to “work out” might have failed you. Each class is designed to deliver results and exceed your expectations.

Whether you are determined to lose weight, tone up, or gain energy and an enthusiasm boost for your daily life, come join us and let us show you how much fun natural movement can be.

movnat buffalo gym inside


MovNat Buffalo Gym
and Fitness Facility

5385 Main Street Suite 4
(behind the Applewood Café)
Williamsville NY, 14221


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